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InnerBran means the inner layer layer that protects the plant.

It is full of natural functional ingredients.  

Skin health unique to Inner Brand using FNC Bio Lab 's proprietary fermentation technology

It is a cosmetic brand that finds natural materials and manufactures them so that they can be easily absorbed into the skin.

Inner Brand uses only safe and good ingredients and considers the health of the skin.

  "The person who systematically studied the material of 'rice bran' for the first time in Korea,

Professor Im Seung-taek's Inner Brand's skin health story

Through 30 years of natural material research

presented for the first time  cosmetics

InnerBran is the first in Korea to systematically research the material of ' rice bran '.
It is a brand that contains 30 years of research by Professor Im Seung-taek, Department of Biotechnology, Korea University .

We develop plant materials and biotechnology technologies, and use them as health functional foods and cosmetics.

We are conducting research to apply, and related to skin health natural materials

We have 50 patents, 200 papers, and 10 technology transfer records.


high-performance raw materials

It contains only high-functional ingredients through continuous fermentation research.


natural raw materials

Naturally-derived grain fermentation made by bioengineers

We use raw materials.


against animal testing

We do not use any animal ingredients, and we do not test on animals.



Re-elasticity of raw materials that were not noticed

We develop sustainable cosmetics.



Cosmetics that are safe through human application testing


5 promises of Inner Brand

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