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​InnerBran story

InnerBran, meaning ‘the protective inner layers of plant seeds’, is a cosmetic brand created with a proprietary fermentation technology developed by  FNC Biolab Co., Ltd.

​Our Products are based on the ingredients extracted from natural products which help skin health through the fermentation process. They have been further improved through pre-experience groups, clinical trials, and derma-testing processes.

InnerBran uses only safe and organic ingredients considering the health of skin.


Under the slogan of ' Beauty with Nature ', InnerBran is particularly concentrating on the following competencies.
1. Improves skin's natural elasticity.
2. Uses eco-friendly fermentation method.
3. Increases the efficacy of natural ingredients for skin's inherent strength.
4. Makes 'safe' cosmetics that everyone can use.


1. Rediscovery of Fermentation

2. Rebirth of raw materials

3. Safe for both nature and humans

4. Sustainable Cosmetics

Cosmetics safe for everyone and in harmony with nature.

This is the potential of InnerBran.

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